Dental Bridges Fredericksburg, VA

When teeth are lost, it creates an unsightly gap that is difficult to ignore. A dental bridge is a tooth-replacement option that is designed to eliminate a gap and restore the look of one’s smile. A bridge works by using two crowns placed on healthy teeth on either side of the gap. These are called the abutment teeth, and they support and anchor the bridge. The replacement teeth “bridge” the gap that was created. This will correct the patient’s smile and provide them with a full set of healthy teeth.

Some of the benefits of a dental bridge include:

  • Makes cosmetic corrections to the smile
  • Helps with chewing and speaking
  • Prevents facial structure loss
  • Maintains a proper bite
  • Keeps existing teeth positioned properly

Dental bridges are custom-made using impressions that are taken of the patient’s teeth. This helps to ensure that the restoration looks as natural as possible. The crowns that are used on the abutment teeth are also custom-made for this same purpose. Once the restoration has been applied, it should fit in seamlessly with the rest of the teeth.

After a bridge has been applied, a patient should find that it is much easier to chew and speak. By providing proper care for the dental bridge, they can help ensure that the restoration lasts as long as possible. This includes brushing twice per day, flossing daily and receiving a complete dental checkup at least twice per year.

If you are suffering from lost or missing teeth, a dental bridge may be able to restore the look of your smile. By visiting Hilltop Dental Studio, we can determine if a bridge is appropriate for your needs. You may call us at (540) 898-8181 to schedule an appointment.