Restoration Dentistry Fredericksburg, VA

A person’s top priority when tooth loss occurs should be to receive a natural-looking restoration that provides the same function as healthy teeth. Missing teeth can cause many problems and inconveniences. For starters, the gaps created are difficult for others to ignore, and people who suffer from tooth loss may be judged or unfairly stigmatized. There are also physical issues since speaking and chewing can become challenging. And delaying treatment for tooth loss could result in unwanted tooth shifts, facial structure loss, jawbone deterioration and considerable bite imbalances.

At Hilltop Dental Studio, we work hard to provide patients suffering from tooth loss with top-quality dental restorations that eliminate virtually all of the difficulties and challenges associated with missing teeth. Our practice specializes in both dentures and dental implants. We are always happy to provide a consultation for a patient suffering from tooth loss to help them determine which restoration type is best for their needs.

Dental Implants