Same-Day Dentistry Fredericksburg, VA

Providing fast and effective treatment for patients is always one of our top goals at Hilltop Dental Studio. That is why we take great pride in our same-day dentistry program. These treatments allow patients to receive a top-quality dental restoration in just one visit to our practice. This is made possible thanks to our CEREC milling machine that can create a customized dental restoration while you wait. Not only is the entire process very fast, the results are excellent, and any restoration should remain intact for many years to come.

At Hilltop Dental Studio, we understand just how important it is for a patient to receive a restoration in a timely manner. By providing complete restorations with just one appointment, we can minimize a patient’s downtime, and allow them to get right back to enjoying a full life of excellent oral health.

With conventional dentistry, it may take a patient a few weeks or even more than a month to receive a proper restoration like a dental crown; however, advanced technology allows us to eliminate this waiting period. The process generally involves taking digital photographs of the patient’s teeth. These images are then uploaded to a computer so that computer-aided design (CAD) technology can be used to create a virtual model of a restoration. The virtual model can then be transferred to a CEREC milling machine so that the restoration can be built right in our office. It usually takes about 10 to 20 minutes for the restoration to be built, and it can then be immediately installed.

Some minor dental restorations do not require the use of CEREC technology, and they can be completed with composite bonding or dental fillings in one visit. This is usually the case for teeth with minor cracks, chips or breakages. Our experts can carefully examine any type of dental damage that has occurred and determine the best method for applying a restoration.

The team at Hilltop Dental Studio can provide same-day restorations to repair your damaged tooth so you can smile with confidence. You may call us at (540) 898-8181 to schedule an appointment.