Special Needs Patients

The dental care professionals at Hilltop Dental Studio are always prepared to provide top-quality treatment and care for patients with special needs or disabilities. We understand the difficulties and challenges that these patients face, and we will do everything possible to help them feel calm and relaxed while treatment is provided. If you or a loved one requires special attention and care, you can rest assured that the dedicated team at Hilltop Dental Studio is up to the task.

When making an appointment for a special needs patient, make sure to let us know about their condition prior to arriving. This will allow us to provide the best accommodations possible for their needs. Our practice is prepared to provide dental treatments for patients with dental phobia, disabilities and severe gag reflexes. We also offer treatments for people suffering from sleep apnea.

Dental Phobia

It is common for people to experience intense fear or anxiety prior to receiving dental treatment. The problem can be so severe that some people will refrain from seeking out treatment and allow their oral health to suffer. It is important to understand that regular dental checkups and visits are necessary for maintaining positive oral health and strong teeth. If a patient suffers from extreme dental phobia, they should make sure to let us know about the situation. We will work to make the experience as easy and as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Special Needs Patients

Hilltop Dental Studio is equipped with everything needed to treat special needs patients and those with disabilities. Our dental health experts have experience in helping people with both physical and mental disabilities, and we are always ready to help patients who might require a little more attention and care. We’ll work to provide the best possible treatment so that you or a loved one can proudly show off a beautiful smile to the rest of the world, just like everyone else.

Severe Gag Reflexes

An overactive gag reflex can be the result of physical or mental causes. But when the issue occurs, it can prevent a person from receiving proper dental treatment. Our team is trained in working with patients with strong gag reflexes so that proper treatment can be provided. Sometimes a gagging problem can be solved with special breathing techniques or by providing a distraction for the patient to get their mind off of treatment. We may also be able to desensitize a patient’s gag reflex by having the patient perform some at-home exercises. We always recommend letting us  know about an overactive gag reflex prior to receiving treatment. This way, we can prepare properly and provide better accommodations.

We are prepared to provide excellent dental treatments for patients with special needs. Please do not hesitate to request any special treatment or care. You may call us at (540) 898-8181 to schedule an appointment.