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Does Stress Trigger Oral Issues? – Spotsylvania, VA

Stress is the body’s natural response to any change that requires demand or adjustment. It has already became a part of life and considered as a normal reaction of people. There are different factors of stress – environmental, physiological, and psychological. Moreover, even good changes in life can also produce stress! For some reason, stress […]
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Why You Need to Be Screened for Oral Cancer in Spotsylvania, VA

Each year, there are about 30,000 people who are diagnosed with oral cancer, making it on the top six of the most common cancer in the world. Although the condition can be fatal, the fact that it causes death to almost 8,000 people every year, you can still do something about it. Anyone, including a […]
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Poor-Fitting Dentures Are a Threat to the Oral Health in Spotsylvania, VA

Dentures are the number one option of those who would like to restore their missing teeth. For some, the restorative dental appliance gives them the chance to regain their once lost smile, while others invest with dentures for practical reasons. It alters their appearance, uplifts their confidence, and improves their day to day activities – […]
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