Poor-Fitting Dentures Are a Threat to the Oral Health in Spotsylvania, VA

Dentures are the number one option of those who would like to restore their missing teeth. For some, the restorative dental appliance gives them the chance to regain their once lost smile, while others invest with dentures for practical reasons. It alters their appearance, uplifts their confidence, and improves their day-to-day activities – only if the dentures are well-fitted. However, if not, the appliance itself can be a threat to their oral health.

Every denture wearer, whether partial or full, understands that loose dentures can be annoying. It impacts the speech, creates discomfort, and produces awkward noises like clicking or popping. Worst is, falling dentures can cause embarrassment and social bullying, especially if it happened in public.

To avoid these undesirable scenarios, we at Hilltop Dental Studio provide only perfectly fitted Dentures for our patients to restore their smile to the fullest, without any hassles and inconvenience. Moreover, if you want to know how a poorly fitted denture can risk the oral health, we listed down four of the most common problems associated with it.


Four Oral Issues Caused by Poor-Fitting Dentures

Irritations of the Gums and Mouth. Loose-fitted dentures can create gum scratches that might inflame the mouth. The gums are composed of soft tissues that can easily be infected. When it becomes red and swollen, it might be a sign of irritation due to dentures.

Eating Discomfort. It is painful to chew or bite with poor-fitting dentures. Others try to avoid certain foods that might be difficult for them to eat like fibrous vegetables, meats, and nuts and settle for easy-to-eat food. It might be effective for the meantime, however, in the long run, it can cause malnutrition and weight loss.

Jaw Bone Atrophy. It is considered as one of the most serious problems brought by poor-fitting dentures, the fact that once the jaw bone wears out, it cannot form another bone tissue. When the wear and tear are constant, the pressure will make the jaw bone dissolve literally.

Shifting Jaw Joint. A bad bite might also spring if the dentures don’t fit properly. When changes in the jaw joints take place because of a bad bite, the wearer might experience headaches, joint, neck, and facial pain.

The effects of poorly-fitted dentures are indeed scary. Nevertheless, you can do something about it. If you recognize any of the signs mentioned above, see the dental professional right away!

Source: The Effects of Poor Fitting Dentures (verywellhealth.com)

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