The Troublesome Wisdom Tooth and the Reasons for Its Extraction – Spotsylvania, VA

Wisdom teeth have gained its negative image due to the problems many people encounter when it erupts. Although Anthropologists believed that it helped people in the ancient times with their diet of hard and rough foods, nowadays, these teeth are perceived to be of no use anymore.

The growth of the wisdom teeth usually causes pain. But why is that so? Some people have smaller jaws and as a result, they can barely make room for all 32 teeth. And the best way to alleviate the pain is having the problematic tooth extracted.

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At Hilltop Dental Studio, we understand that our patients may be too hesitant or afraid to undergo an extraction procedure. We make sure to provide gentle and effective care for all the needs of our patients including wisdom teeth extractions without sacrificing their comfort.

Tooth Pain

We have prepared a list of reasons why patients should have their wisdom teeth extracted.

  • Due to the limited space in the jaw and the impaction of the wisdom tooth, inflammation often occurs. Once the gums become inflamed, many oral complications may start to develop including gum disease. Partial impaction caused by the eruption of wisdom teeth gives an area for the harmful substances to settle in. The site can serve as a breeding ground, increasing the risks of infection to transpire.
  • Wisdom teeth that are erupting in a small place in the jaw not only causes pain, but it can also cause the surrounding teeth to move and result to misalignment. Whether a person has naturally straight teeth, it can still be affected.
  • Wisdom teeth can also damage the healthy adjacent teeth. It is due to the increased risks of developing bone loss and cavities during its growth.
  • Having it extracted before it fully erupts serves as a preventive measure to reduce or eliminate the possibilities of developing any oral complications associated with it.

While dentists usually prefer to have the teeth preserved, there are certain factors where the best solution would be its extraction to protect the overall oral health.

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