How to Choose a Dentist

Your dental health is not just about your healthy teeth and gums but it’s also an important part of your overall vitality. Dental health management is not a short-term visit but a long-term relationship between you and your dentist.

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Before deciding on a new dentist, here are some tips to help you know what factors to consider.

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Crunched for Time? Here Are Some Quick Factors to Consider

Qualifications: In order to find the right “fit” make a list of dentists who are practicing in your area along with their qualifications and their specialty. Check to see if they have won any special awards or accreditation or by local magazines, yelp, or dentist review sites. You can also check for the license of your chosen dentist by calling your State Licensing Board.

Your company’s dental insurance network: You will likely want to choose a dentist in-network in accordance with your company’s dental insurance plan. Make a list of local dentists in that work with your insurance this can help you narrow your search.

Convenience and Office hours: Distance and availability are likely significant factors when choosing a dentist. Are you willing to drive further for better care? Do you need them to be open on the weekend or during certain times? It might not seem like a big deal now, but if you are choosing a family dentist and trying to schedule appointments or deal with the occasional dental emergency, then availability and convenience play a larger role.

Communication: What’s the best way to contact you about your next appointment? Do you like automatic reminders on your calendar? Automated phone calls? Text messages or the simple appointment card? Not only is the communication between you and your dentist important but the infrastructure to reach you in case of an emergency or to remind you about your 3-month follow up. Dentist – patient communication and the administrative communication infrastructure are often overlooked factors when selecting a dentist. Avoid this common pitfall.

Emergency care: It is important to verify the kind of emergency care available when choosing a dentist. Find out if there’s an emergency call number made available by them, call it and check the response time, observe the sense of urgency and care in their answers while processing your emergency request. This is important because emergencies can occur anytime.

Simple Steps to Finding a New Dentist?

Referral: Ask the people you trust and who are already taking a satisfactory dental health plan with promising dental benefits and testimonials.

Ask Another Medical Professional: Do you already have a great rapport with a current physician and pharmacist. They have dental care needs too and might have a great network of professionals that they go to. Consider their referrals as well.

Listed Under Your Insurance: Go through the dental service providers mentioned in your insurance company catalogue.

Online Research: Google it and do a research based on reviews people give online after taking a service.

How to Evaluate Your First Dental Visit:

Once you’ve visited the dentist, you should be able to answer these 3 questions:

  • Was the dentist and his team of workers friendly with you?
  • Were they able to provide you clear information about appointments, fee structure and dental insurance provision, emergency care and other dental benefits?
  • Were all your dental concerns addressed?

Finding and choosing the right dentist is important because maintaining good oral health is an ongoing relationship. Now you know the factors to consider when selecting a new dentist, steps to finding a new dentist, and how to evaluate your first visit.

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